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Research interests in:

CO2 capture using CaO-based sorbent.  Novel sorbent enhancement strategies, including reactivation of spent sorbent by hydration, doping of natural sorbent and enhancement by steam.  Currently affiliated with EU H2020 project LEILAC on capture of process emissions from cement.

Biomass fractionation.  Separation of lignocellulosic biomass into hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, using enhanced organosolv treatment.  Previously affiliated with the EU FP7 funded project, BioSonic.

Energy storage through high-temperature thermochemical looping cycles.


Year Role
2013 to present Research Associate, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London, UK 
2012  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, University of Ottawa, Canada 
2007-2011  PhD, 'Improved Performance of CaO-Based Sorbent for CO2 Capture', Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London, UK 
2001-2005  MChem (Hons) in Chemistry, St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK 



Yu J, Paterson N, Blamey J, et al., 2017, Cellulose, xylan and lignin interactions during pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass, Fuel, Vol:191, ISSN:0016-2361, Pages:140-149

Blamey J, Al-Jeboori MJ, Manovic V, et al., 2016, CO2 capture by calcium aluminate pellets in a small fluidized bed, Fuel Processing Technology, Vol:142, ISSN:0378-3820, Pages:100-106

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Gonzalez B, Blamey J, Al-Jeboori MJ, et al., 2016, Additive effects of steam addition and HBr doping for CaO-based sorbents for CO2 capture, Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol:103, ISSN:0255-2701, Pages:21-26

Lee J-SM, Rochelle G, Styring P, et al., 2016, CCS - A technology for now: general discussion, Faraday Discussions, Vol:192, ISSN:1359-6640, Pages:125-151

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