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Dr Jenny Collier

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Reader in Marine Geophysics



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I am looking to recruit a PhD student this year in the following area:

Full-waveform inversion of industry seismic data from the South Atlantic

I am also looking to recruit a PDRA to join project VOILA

PDRA description

Research interests:

Marine geology and geophysics: controlled source reflection and refraction seismology; coastal and ocean mapping with sidescan sonar and multibeam bathymetry.

For further information see:  

Formation and evolution of continental shelves, passive margins, ocean basins and ocean islands.

Environmental geophysics, marine processes and physical properties of the seabed.  

I am a member of the Geodynamics: Core to Surface research group  

See here for my Google Scholar profile, here for my ReserachGate profile...and here @geophysicsjenny for twitter!

I am President of the British Geophysical Society (twitter)

Current research:

Volatile recycling at the Lesser Antilles Arc (VOILA)

Magmatism and breakup in the South Atlantic

Feeling the pulse: time-lapse seismic at the East Pacific Rise

RECENT ReseaRch highlights:

Beyond hotspots: magmatism at rifted margins

Island Britain: acoustic imaging of a catatrophic flood terrain on the floor of the English Channel


  • Reader, Imperial College London, 2011-date
  • Senior lecturer, Imperial College London  2002- 2011
  • Lecturer, Imperial College London 1998-2002
  • NERC Fellow, University of Cambridge  1996-98
  • Lecturer, University of Leeds  1995-96
  • Post-doctoral researcher, University of Oxford  1990-94
  • PhD, University of Cambridge  1986-89
  • MSc, University of Durham  1985-86



How Britain became an Island (Imperial College Festival Talk - video)

Exploring the deep (Annual Children's Xmas Lecture - video)



Gupta S, Collier JS, Garcia-Moreno D, et al., Two-stage opening of the Dover Strait and the origin of island Britain, Nature Communications, ISSN:2041-1723

Sanderson DJ, Dix JK, Westhead KR, et al., Bathymetric mapping of the coastal and offshore geology and structure of the Jurassic Coast, Weymouth Bay, UK, Journal of the Geological Society, ISSN:0016-7649, Pages:jgs2016-070-jgs2016-070

Schlaphorst D, Kendall JM, Collier JS, et al., 2016, Water, oceanic fracture zones and the lubrication of subducting plate boundaries-insights from seismicity, Geophysical Journal International, Vol:204, ISSN:0956-540X, Pages:1405-1420

Taposeea CA, Armitage JJ, Collier JS, 2016, Asthenosphere and lithosphere structure controls on early onset oceanic crust production in the southern South Atlantic, Tectonophysics, ISSN:0040-1951

Collier JS, Oggioni F, Gupta S, et al., 2015, Streamlined islands and the English Channel megaflood hypothesis, Global and Planetary Change, Vol:135, ISSN:0921-8181, Pages:190-206

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