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Research interest

Theoretical and numerical aspects of complex systems, addressing the spontaneous emergence of patters and organisation in non-equilibrium systems composed of many interacting entities. My research has often been a integration of theoretical, computational and experimental studies of complex systems involving a rigorous mathematical approach to pioneer new ways of analysing such systems quantitatively. I have been working within the area of complexity science for about 25 years, developing and applying transferable tools and techniques to real world systems in many different contexts: geology (earthquake & reservoir engineering), atmospheric physics (rain), biology (evolution & social insects), sociology (organisational science), medicine (brain & heart) and fire safety (smouldering). In 2005, I co-authored together with Dr. Nicholas Moloney a pedagogical textbook entitled “Complexity and Criticality”.

Keywords: Complexity science, emergent phenomena, self organisation, scale invariance, earthquakes, evolution, networks, atrial fibrillation. 

Higher education

03.1993: Ph.D. degree in Science, Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Århus, Denmark.

05.1990: Master in Science, Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Århus, Denmark.



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