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 I joined the Imperial College in 2015. I'm working on a GAVI-funded project under the supervision of  Tini Garske and Neil Ferguson, focusing on the modelling of Yellow Fever in Africa.

I am currently further developing a pre-existing mathematical model to assess the burden of Yellow Fever in Africa at the regional scale. The new version of the model is aimed to integrate the effects of herd immunity. This model is mainly used to evaluate the impact of vaccination activities and is used by GAVI to inform future vaccination strategies.

In 2016, I also worked with WHO to face the yellow fever outbreak that occurred in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our work was aimed to assess the risk of outbreak spreading and to evaluate target populations in order to prioritize reactive vaccination campaigns. We also worked on a long term vaccination strategy in order to prevent large urban yellow fever outbreak across Africa.

I have previous experience in the field of interventional epidemiology and HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa, especially prevention strategies such as Medical Male Circumcision and the so-called "Test & Treat" strategy.  I was initially trained in Ecology and Evolution and also have interest in infectious disease ecology.



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