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Based full-time at KEMRI/Wellcome Programme, KenyaNorfolk PlaceSt Mary's Campus





  • Development of a therapeutic feeding strategy to support gut integrity in malnourished children in East Africa, Imperial Confidence in Concepts – Joint Translational Fund, 2018
  • MR/R018502/1 Gastroenteritis: rehydration for children with severe acute malnutrition (GASTRO-SAM), Medical Research Council, 2018
  • Principle Investigator: 209265/Z/17/Z Severe Malaria Africa - A consortium for Research Trials (SMAART), Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award in Science, 2018
  • 1636 — COAST-Nutrition, EDCTP2 Call for Proposals RIA2016S - Strategic actions supporting large-scale clinical trials., 2017
  • MR/P021492/1 Pharmacokinetics of azithromycin in severe malaria bacterial co-infection in African children, Medical Research Council, UK Joint Funded Initiatives, 2017
  • Assessing the safety of low dose primaquine in Plasmodium falciparum infected African children with glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (PAC trial), Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust Joint Global Health trial, 2016
  • Children Oxygen Administration Trial (COAST ), Global Health Trials (Wellcome Trust MRC DFid (£2,800,000)), 2013
  • 100693/Z/12/Z: Centres for Global Health Research: Imperial College Centre for Global Health Research, Wellcome Trust, 2012
  • TRansfusion and TReatment of severe Anaemia in Africa Children: a randomised controlled Trial (TRACT), Medical Research Council £3,200,000, 2012
  • FEAST Trial BMJ Paper of the Year Award 2011, BMJ, 2012
  • Appropriate Fluid Resuscitation for Shock in Severely Malnourished Children: AFRIM STUDY, Medicines Sans Frontiere/EpiCentre, 2011
  • Fluid Management of severely-ill children in Africa. Alexander Fleming Dissemination Award, MRC, 2011
  • CAPMAL: Studies of myocardial function in children with severe malnutrition, Else Kroener-Fresenius Stiftung, 2010
  • Gut mucosal immunity in children with severe malnutrition: prebiotics as a potential treatment, Halley Stewart Trust, 2008
  • Gut mucosal immunity in children with severe malnutrition: prebiotics as a potential treatment, Halley Stewart Trust, 2008
  • Principal Investigator: A randomised trial of fluid resuscitation strategies in African children with severe febrile illness and clinical evidence of impaired perfusion: Resubmission: £2,653,000, MRC UK£2,653,000, 2008
  • Principal Investigator Endotoxaemia in severe and complicated malnutrition £12,000, Xoma/Spectral Diagnostics, 2007
  • Co-applicant: An open label randomised comparison of injectable artesunate and quinine in patients with severe falciparum malaria in Africa (AQUAMAT), PI Nick White, £2, 000,000, Wellcome Trust, 2007
  • Principal Investigator: A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of volume expansion in children with severe malaria (FEAST) £2,100,000, MRC UK, 2007
  • HEFC Clinical Senior Lectureship Award, HEFC, 2006
  • Wellcome Trust Value in People Award, Imperial College, London, Wellcome Trust, 2006
  • Co-applicant: An open label randomised comparison of injectable artesunate and quinine in patients with severe falciparum malaria in Africa (AQUAMAT), PI Nick White, £300,000, Wellcome Trust, 2005
  • Co-applicant: Investigation of coagulation activation in children with severe malaria: S. Faust, I. Roberts, K. Maitland: Imperial College Special Trustees: £7954, Imperial College Special Trustees award, 2005
  • Wellcome Trust Project Grant (£101,300)

External Positions

  • Technical Expert Advisor, WHO Sepsis Alliance, WHO, 2018
  • Advisory Member, Technical Group for Management of Severe and Moderate Malnutrition, International Atomic Energy Agency, 2013 - 2013
  • Technical Expert Advisor, Paediatric Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Guidelines and Training Materials Review and Scoping Meeting, World Health Organization, 2013 - 2013
  • Member of Technical Review Team; author and editor of review guidelines, Technical Expert Group on Management of Severe Malaria, World Health Organization, 2011 - 2012
  • Severe Malnutrition Technical Advisory committee WHO Geneva June, WHO, 2007
  • Global Sepsis Initiative World Federation of Paediatric Critical Care 2006/2007, 2006
  • Health Protection Agency Advisory Committee: UK guidelines for the management of severe malaria in children 2006, Health Protection Agency, 2006
  • Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Committee (Course curriculum), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 1999
  • Councillor, Councillor of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1997 - 2000

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences, 2016
  • Fellow Of RCP, Royal Society of Paediatrics, 2016
  • American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  • Royal Society of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Industrial Connections

  • Baxter, FEAST Phase III trial
  • Cipla (Dr Hamied, MD), Donation of Cotrimoxazole for TRACT trial
  • Fischer and Paykel, Donation of Hiflow machines
  • Fisher and Paykel, Donation of equipment for an Oxygen Trial
  • Hayek Medical Devices (Dr Dan Quigley, MD), Biphasic cuirass ventilation (BCV) devices for cerebral malaria trial in SMAART
  • Medicine for Malaria Venture (Dr Pierre Hugo, Director MMV), Donation of antimalarial drugs for SMAART
  • Spectral Diagnostics
  • UNICEF, Donation of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Feed for COAST Nutrition
  • XOMA (Dr Pat Scannon and Dr Dan Cafaro)


  • Fellow, Academy Of Medical Science, 2016 - 2021
  • Fellow, Royal College of Paediatrics, 2016
  • Collaborator: Wellcome Trust Fellowship ‘The safety and efficacy of umbilical cord blood transfusion for severe malarial anaemia in children’ O. Hassall, I. Bates, K. Maitland, K. Marsh, Wellcome Trust, 2004
  • Fellowship in Clinical Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Trust, 1995

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