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Consultant gastroenterologist and general physician at West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH), London involved in teaching and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate  students at Imperial College London (North West London Lead for Gastroenterology).

Colorectal cancer genetics service lead: We perform genetic testing, endoscopic and other screening for gastrointestinal cancer in susceptible populations.  I am also interested in caring for patients with other GI diseases with colleagues at WMUH.

My PhD from Imperial College and the University of London was awarded in 2009, ‘New genes for inherited multiple polyps and cancer of the large bowel’ under the supervision of Prof Huw Thomas in the Family Cancer Clinic, Colorectal Cancer Unit, St Mark’s Hospital and Prof Ian Tomlinson at the London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK.

I am currently continuing my research interests in clinical and molecular aspects of gastrointestinal pathology, particularly in the field of endoscopy, colorectal, pancreatic and other GI cancers, GI polyps and other neoplasia.



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