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I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Critical Care research group based at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital campus. I joined Imperial College as a postdoctoral researcher in 2001. Prior to this, I obtained a PhD in Malaria Immunology at Imperial, and an MSc in Biochemistry and BSc in Biology from King’s College London.

My main research areas are the systemic inflammatory response to infection (sepsis), major trauma and burns injury, and the roles that myeloid cells play in activation of vascular cells within major organs. I am currently involved in developing in vivo and in vitro research models to identify the pathways of inter-cellular/inter-organ signalling during acute systemic inflammation, with a focus on the role of a subtype of extracellular vesicles, known as microvesicles or microparticles. The trafficking and activity of microvesicles represents a new avenue for targeting and manipulating the host response during acute infection and trauma.

I am a lead investigator in the burns research capacity building project, supported and funded by CW+ Charity for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I am a course organiser and lecturer in Surgery & Anaesthesia BSc 'Perioperative Medicine' module.



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