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Dr Karl G. Sandeman

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Academic Visitor



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I moved to Brooklyn College of The City University of New York (CUNY) in 2014.  My current work aims to improve fundamental understanding of phase transitions between different magnetic states. There are several potential applications of this research, for example in power generation from waste heat and in a new, high efficiency, gas-free cooling device: the magnetic refrigerator. For more information, click the "Research" link or go to the websites of the FP7 projects that I coordinated on behalf of Imperial College: DRREAM (2013 - 2015) or SSEEC (2008 - 2011). 

I was a faculty member of the Experimental Solid State Physics (EXSS) section at Imperial from 2009 - 2015.  Before joining Imperial College, I was in the Device Materials Group of the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, UK.  I was also a Director of Studies in Physics at Churchill College, Cambridge for 5 years. 



Invited Lectures and Presentations

2015: TMS 2015 (USA), AMEC 2015 Workshop (USA), SF2M (France), DDMC 2015 (The Netherlands)

2014: E-MRS/MRS Bilateral Conference on Energy at the E-MRS 2014 Spring Meeting (France), CIMTEC Forum on New Materials (Italy), EMN Fall 2014 (USA)

2013: Argonne National Laboratory (USA), Energy and Materials Criticality Workshop (Greece)

2012: TU-Dresden (Germany), UBC (Vancouver, Canada), U. Victoria (Canada), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), ICYRAM 2012 (Singapore), New York University (USA), U. Maryland, College Park (USA), The City College of New York (USA), Columbia University (USA), Queen Mary University of London (UK)

2011: London Centre for Nanotechnology (UK), TU Delft (The Netherlands)

2010: University of Birmingham (UK), U. Bristol (UK), JEMS 2010 (Krakow, Poland), Risø-DTU (Denmark)

2009: U. Sydney (Australia), Bragg Institute, Lucas Heights (Australia), Max Planck Institute, Halle (Germany)

2008: University of Glasgow (UK), London Materials Society (UK), SIRAC network, University of Oxford (UK)

2007: INRIM Torino (Italy), MMMR Vienna Workshop (Austria), University of Leeds (UK)

2006: University of Birmingham (UK), University of Uppsala, (Sweden), ISIS (UK) 

Other Significant Activities

Co-editor of forthcoming book on magnetic cooling and magnetocaloric effects (2017) 

Member of Programme Committee, MMM 2014

Member of scientific advisory committee and lecturer, European School on Magnetism (2011 - )

Proceedings editor for MRS Fall 2010 (USA) and Thermag III (May 2009, USA)

Further Information

Co-organiser of symposia at: 

  • MMM 2014 (Symposium on Magnetic Materials for Energy)
  • CMMP 2011 (Symposium on Functional Phase Transition Physics, Manchester, UK)  
  • Euromat 2011 (Symposium on Magnetocalorics and Magnetic Cooling, Montpellier, France)
  • MRS 2010 (Symposium on Magnetocalorics and Magnetic Cooling, Boston, USA)
  • Euromat 2009 (Symposium on Magnetocalorics and Magnetic Cooling, Glasgow, U.K.)
  • MMMR 2006 (Workshop on Metamagnetic Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration, Cambridge, U.K.)

Other Teaching

2012: Completed a Postgraduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (PG ULT) at Imperial College.

1998-2009: Gave supervisions (tutorials) in 1st year and 2nd year Physics to Churchill College undergraduates. The topics covered can be found here (1st year topics) and here (2nd year topics).




Gercsi Z, Fuller N, Sandeman KG, et al., 2018, Electronic structure, metamagnetism and thermopower of LaSiFe12 and interstitially doped LaSiFe12, Journal of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:51, ISSN:0022-3727

Zemen J, Gercsi Z, Sandeman KG, 2017, Piezomagnetism as a counterpart of the magnetovolume effect in magnetically frustrated Mn-based antiperovskite nitrides, Physical Review B, Vol:96, ISSN:2469-9950

Zemen J, Mendive-Tapia E, Gercsi Z, et al., 2017, Frustrated magnetism and caloric effects in Mn-based antiperovskite nitrides: Ab initio theory, Physical Review B, Vol:95, ISSN:2469-9950

Sandeman KG, 2016, Research Update: The mechanocaloric potential of spin crossover compounds, Apl Materials, Vol:4, ISSN:2166-532X

Bovo G, Braunlich I, Caseri WR, et al., 2016, Room temperature dielectric bistability in solution-processed spin crossover polymer thin films, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol:4, ISSN:2050-7526, Pages:6240-6248

More Publications