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Dr. Kai Wang is a postdoctoral researcher in the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory at Imperial College London. He received his B.Eng. degree in Energy and Environment Systems Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics from Zhejiang University in 2009 and 2014, respectively. Prior to joining Imperial College London, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University from 2014 to 2017.

Dr. Wang’s research interest focuses on advanced thermal energy technologies for providing cooling, heating and power, as well as the related fundamental thermodynamic, heat transfer and fluid flow problems, including but not limited to the topics on low-grade heat recovery, refrigeration, thermoacoustics and Stirling engine/cooler. His research background involved the modelling, design and development of innovative thermoacoustic/Stirling energy conversion processes/systems for power generation or refrigeration, with targeted applications in the areas of solar power generation, waste heat utilization, cold energy recovery from liquefied natural gas/liquid nitrogen, cryogenic cooling, heat pumping, etc.

He is currently working on solar energy systems as well as the related thermodynamic cycles for heat-to-power conversion. More specifically, he is working on hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) based energy systems for combined cooling, heating and power provisions, aiming at providing technicially and economically viable clean energy solutions for domestic and industrial applications.

More information about his publications can be found on his homepages in Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Wang K, Dubey S, Choo FH, et al., 2017, Thermoacoustic stirling power generation from LNG cold energy and low-temperature waste heat, Energy, Vol:127, ISSN:0360-5442, Pages:280-290

Wang K, Dubey S, Choo FH, et al., 2016, A transient one-dimensional numerical model for kinetic Stirling engine, Applied Energy, Vol:183, ISSN:0306-2619, Pages:775-790

Wang K, Sanders SR, Dubey S, et al., 2016, Stirling cycle engines for recovering low and moderate temperature heat: A review, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:62, ISSN:1364-0321, Pages:89-108

Wang K, Sun D, Zhang J, et al., 2016, An acoustically matched traveling-wave thermoacoustic generator achieving 750 W electric power, Energy, Vol:103, ISSN:0360-5442, Pages:313-321

Wang K, Sun DM, Zhang J, et al., 2015, Numerical simulation on onset characteristics of traveling-wave thermoacoustic engines based on a time-domain network model, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Vol:94, ISSN:1290-0729, Pages:61-71

More Publications