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H704Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus






Morrison K, Sandeman KG, Cohen LF, et al., 2012, Evaluation of the reliability of the measurement of key magnetocaloric properties: A round robin study of La(Fe,Si,Mn)H-delta conducted by the SSEEC consortium of European laboratories, International Journal of Refrigeration-revue Internationale Du Froid, Vol:35, ISSN:0140-7007, Pages:1528-1536

Bratko M, Morrison K, de Campos A, et al., 2012, History dependence of directly observed magnetocaloric effects in (Mn, Fe)As, Applied Physics Letters, Vol:100, ISSN:0003-6951

Chattopadhyay MK, Morrison K, Dupas A, et al., 2012, Study of the dynamical features of the austenite-martensite phase transition in the Ni-50(Mn, 1%Fe)(34)In-16 alloy using scanning Hall probe imaging, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol:111, ISSN:0021-8979

Morrison K, Bratko M, Turcaud J, et al., 2012, A calorimetric method to detect a weak or distributed latent heat contribution at first order magnetic transitions, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol:83, ISSN:0034-6748

Morrison K, Lyubina J, Moore JD, et al., 2012, Magnetic refrigeration: phase transitions, itinerant magnetism and spin fluctuations, Philosophical Magazine, Vol:92, ISSN:1478-6435, Pages:292-303

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