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Global Change, Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Health

I am an ecologist with interests in global change, conservation and health. I generally work on problems where these key themes are interconnected. This includes:

  human health - climate, environmental and social change impacts on infectious disease burdens and distributions, disease emergence, zoonoses, biosecurity risks, health economics

  wildlife health - infectious disease burdens and distributions, disease emergence, disease ecology, biosecurity, wildlife trade

  biodiversity - extinction risks, threats (e.g., trade, diseases, habitat loss, invasive species, climate change), population ecology, behavioural ecology

  ecosystems - habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation, ecosystem services

  climate change - influence on ecosystems, biodiversity and health risks

I'm particularly interested in problems that characterise the impacts of global change, but that could also be leveraged for mitigating human impacts and promoting better stewardship of the natural world.


Current projects:

Global change ecology and the biogeography of human infectious diseases 

Ecology and management of amphibian chytridiomycosis

Community ecology and disease dynamics

Win-win solutions for conservation and health

Health co-benefits of environmental interventions

Extinction risk modelling

Climate change - habitat loss interactions

Measuring 'virodiversity' and probing the virosphere

Disease emergence due to land-use change

Global correlates and hotspots of emerging infectious diseases


Where to from here:

Visit the Murray Lab - Ecological Health Research Group webpage

You can see my publications on Google Scholar

Look me up on LinkedIn

Check out what's happening at the Grantham Institute

Or the School of Public Health, where I hold a joint position

Twitter: @earthfluenza



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Murray KA, Moving beyond too little, too late: managing emerging infectious diseases in wild populations requires international policy and partnerships, Ecohealth, ISSN:1612-9210

Murray KA, Baselga A, Partitioning beta diversity into replacement and nestedness- resultant components is not controversial, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN:1091-6490

Murray KA, Skerratt LF, Predicting wild hosts for amphibian chytridiomycosis: integrating host life-history traits with pathogen environmental requirements, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, ISSN:1549-7860

Murray KA, Voyles J, Initial assessment of host susceptibility and pathogen virulence for conservation and management of Tasmanian amphibians, Herpetological Conservation and Biology, ISSN:1931-7603

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