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Dr Luke Louca is a senior lecturer in structural engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. He is engaged in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in both structural steel design and mitigating the effects of explosions on structures.

He is also actively engaged in research with a strong contingent of students currently registered for a PhD. His principal research interests, where he has published some 40 papers in leading journals and conferences, lie in the area of behaviour and design of structures subjected to explosions. Much of this has focussed on steel structures for offshore applications but is currently actively engaged in both civil and defence applications using both traditional construction materials and fibre reinforced composite structures.

Although much of his work is computational, laboratory testing of small scale specimens is also being conducted under dynamic loading. Large scale testing has also been carried out off-site with a number of sponsors where he has been involved in the design of the tests. Much of the work is funded by the EPSRC, Dstl/MoD, Health and Safety Executive and the Office of Naval Research (USA).



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