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MrLancelotDa Costa

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Research Assistant



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Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I am a Research assistant and PhD Student in the newly formed CDT Mathematics of Random Systems.

I research the Physics of Intelligent Systems by combining ideas from stochastic analysis, non-equilibrium stochastic thermodynamics, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. In particular, I work on a mathematical theory of self-organisation called the free-energy principle and explore its applications to autonomous agents. For an up to date list of publications see my Google scholar profile

I am grateful to my supervisors Professors Greg Pavliotis and Karl Friston (UCL), and to the National Research Fund in Luxembourg and EPSRC for supporting my PhD.



Da Costa L, Parr T, Sajid N, et al., 2020, Active inference on discrete state-spaces: A synthesis., J Math Psychol, Vol:99, ISSN:0022-2496

Rubin S, Parr T, Da Costa L, et al., 2020, Future climates: Markov blankets and active inference in the biosphere, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol:17, ISSN:1742-5689

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