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AB - Tumor evolution is shaped by many variables, potentially involving external selective pressures induced by therapies1. After surgery, estrogen receptor (ERα) positive breast cancer (BCa) patients are treated with adjuvant endocrine therapy2including selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and/or aromatase inhibitors (AIs)3. However, over 20% of patients relapse within 10 years and eventually progress to incurable metastatic disease4. Here we demonstratethat the choice of therapy has a fundamental influence on the genetic landscape of relapsed diseases: in this study, 21.5% of AI-treated, relapsed patients had acquiredCYP19A1gene (aromatase) amplification (CYP19A1amp). Relapsed patients also developed numerous mutations targeting key breast cancer genes including ESR1 and CYP19A1. Strikingly, CYP19A1amp cells also emerge in vitrobut only in AI resistant models. CYP19A1 amplification causesincreased aromatase activity and estrogen-independent ERα binding to target genesresulting inCYP19A1amp cells displaying decreased sensitivity to AI treatment. Collectively these data suggest that AI treatment itself selects for acquiredCYP19A1 amplification and promotes local autocrine estrogen signalling in AI resistant metastatic patients.
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