Imperial College London

Dr Lorenzo Matteini

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Lecturer in Space Plasma Physics







Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





I am a Lecturer in the Physics Department of Imperial College London, since October 2019, and I am based in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group.

I have been previously an Assistant Astronomer at Paris Observatory, France (2017-2019) and a Research Associate at Imperial College (2012-2017).

I got my PhD at the University of Florence (Italy) in 2008 and I have then been a post-doc at Paris Observatory (2009-2010) and University of Florence (2011-2012).

I have active collaborations with various international institutes and reasearch group, in particular:
U. Florence, Obs. Paris, Astr. Inst. Prague, UCLA, Queen Mary U. London, LPP Paris.

My research:

I am interested in processes that caracterize the evolution of space and astrophysical plasmas. These systems are only weakly collisional and are often far from thermodynamical equilibrium. In this framework, the Heliosphere constitute an exceptional plasma laboratory, where detailed investigation of particles and fields can be achieved thanks to spacecraft measurements. During my career I have worked on in situ data from several spacecraft at different distances from the Sun, such as Helios, Ulysses, WIND, CLUSTER, Rosetta. I am also expert in the theoretial and numerical modelling of collisionless plasmas, using kinetic codes.

Methodology: Theoretical modelling, Numerical simulations, Analysis of in situ data

My main research areas:

  • Heliospheric Physics
  • Fluid and kinetic instabilities
  • Wave-particle interactions
  • Wave-wave interactions and turbulence
  • Magnetic reconnection
  • SW/comets interactions



Woolley T, Matteini L, McManus MD, et al., 2021, Plasma properties, switchback patches, and low alpha-particle abundance in slow Alfvenic coronal hole wind at 0.13 au, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol:508, ISSN:0035-8711, Pages:236-244

Tenerani A, Sioulas N, Matteini L, et al., 2021, Evolution of Switchbacks in the Inner Heliosphere, Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol:919, ISSN:2041-8205

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Hellinger P, Papini E, Verdini A, et al., 2021, Spectral Transfer and Karman-Howarth-Monin Equations for Compressible Hall Magnetohydrodynamics, Astrophysical Journal, Vol:917, ISSN:0004-637X

Laker R, Horbury TS, Bale SD, et al., 2021, Statistical analysis of orientation, shape, and size of solar wind switchbacks, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol:650, ISSN:0004-6361, Pages:1-7

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