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MsLuciana MariaMiu

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Research Postgraduate



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Luciana's research interests include sustainability in the built environment, with a particular focus on end-use energy efficiency, but also renewable energy integration, energy consumption behaviour, electricity markets and energy policy.

Energy efficiency in the residential built environment

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Project: 'A socio-technical framework to drive the introduction of energy efficiency measures for private households in the UK'.

Details: This project aims to provide a better understanding of where beneficial opportunities for improving energy efficiency in UK households might emergy. The research draws on the socio-technical systems and transition pathways literature, to develop an analytical framework to evaluate the merit of different UK policy proposals for deploying energy efficiency measures in the residential sector.

Funded by the National Environment Research Council and part of the 'Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet' Doctoral Training Programme (Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment, Imperial College London).

Supervised by Dr Adam Hawkes, Dr Chris Mazur and Dr Jeffrey Hardy.

Sustainable bioenergy (biochar)

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Project: Assessing the socio-economic viability of biochar deployment in the context of developed and developing countries.

Details: This research analysed the different routes for the application of biochar technology under different social and economic contexts. The work developed a series of guidelines and a framework to identify the optimal deployment pathways for biochar in several example countries.

Supervised by Dr Saran Sohi, UK Biochar Research Centre, Edinburgh.

Published in: 

Sohi, S.P., McDonagh, J., Novak, J., Wu, W., Miu, L.-M., 2015. Biochar Systems and System fit. In: Biochar for Environmental Management (Eds Lehmann, J., Joseph, S.), 2nd Edition. Routledge, London, 944pp.