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I am a Research Associate in the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology. Our research is focused on investigating the brain mechanisms and neuropharmacology of addiction through experimental medicine and clinical trials. We study the impact of addiction and other mental health disorders on brain function and its modulation by medications using state of the art brain imaging techniques, with the aim of understanding the brain pathways to addiction and relapse, in order to develop better treatments.

Current studies include the ICCAM platform study, a multi-centre fMRI study of the neuropharmacology of addiction, which is investigating the effects of opioid, dopamine and NK1 receptor antagonism on brain pathways involved in reward, inhibitory control and stress/emotional processing. We are also investigating the effect of baclofen- a GABA-B agonist- on these same brain pathways in alcoholism (IMBAC study).

I also have an interest in sleep, and have previously been involved in studies of sleep architecture in healthy subjects, insomnia, depression and deep brain stimulation.

None of our research can be done without the support of our research volunteers. If you are interested in our research and would like to be involved in a study, either as a healthy volunteer, or as someone who suffers with drug and/or alcohol problems, please get in touch at



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