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Loic Salles is a Research Fellow in Rolls-Royce Vibration UTC in Mechanical Engineering department. He joined Imperial College in 2012. He works on the developpment of the in-house code FORSE. He obtained his PhD in 2010 coinjointly at Ecole Centrale Lyon and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He graduated as a rocket engineer from BMSTU in 2006 and as a mechanical engineer from Ecole Centrale Lyon in 2006.



Salles L, Staples B, Hoffmann NP, et al., Nonlinear dynamic analysis of whole aeroengine models with harmonic balance method and continuation techniques for imperfect bifurcations and isolated solutions., Nonlinear Dynamics, ISSN:1573-269X

Armand J, Pesaresi L, Salles L, et al., 2017, A Multiscale Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic Response Predictions With Fretting Wear, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power-transactions of the Asme, Vol:139, ISSN:0742-4795

Fontanela F, Grolet A, Salles L, et al., 2017, Dark solitons, modulation instability and breathers in a chain of weakly nonlinear oscillators with cyclic symmetry, Journal of Sound and Vibration, ISSN:0022-460X

Krack M, Salles L, Thouverez F, 2017, Vibration Prediction of Bladed Disks Coupled by Friction Joints, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, Vol:24, ISSN:1134-3060, Pages:589-636


Lu Y, Salles L, Zhao F, et al., 2017, Aeroelastic analysis of NREL wind turbine

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