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AB - © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. The use of integrally bladed-disk is now very popular in turbomachinery industry since they feature significant aerodynamic and structural improvements along with a significant mass reduction. However, these integrated single structures can arise a major high cycle fatigue issue due to the lack of sufficient damping for dissipating the vibrational energy. This work describes a numerical investigation of the nonlinear dynamic behaviour and nonlinear normal mode for such a bladed-disk with frictional ring damper using the Harmonic Balanced Method (HBM) with alternating Fourier transformation. Jenkins element is used to model the nonlinear contact friction between the disc and ring damper. Using such a modeling strategy, the modal damping and resonance amplitude are directly and efficiently computed through nonlinear normal mode analysis. The initial results show the vibrational level on the blades can be effectively controlled by the parameters of the ring damper model. The effectiveness of ring damper and damping performance is evaluated. This study also indicates the nonlinear normal mode analysis based HBM may be an effective method to analyse the dynamic behaviour of the integrated bladed-disk with frictional ring damper.
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