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Dr Lawrence Mitchell

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Honorary Research Fellow



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William Penney LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





I am an Assistant Professor at Durham University in the Department of Computer Science. I was previously a PDRA at Imperial working with David Ham and Paul KellyMy research is in high performance computing and computational mathematics. Much of my recent focus has been in the development of compilers and software abstractions for the development of numerical models implemented using the finite element method. This research is concretely realised in the open source Firedrake project. I am particularly interested in preconditioning techniques for challenging problems in computational and atmospheric fluid dynamics.




Gibson T, Mitchell L, Ham D, et al., 2020, Slate: extending Firedrake's domain-specific abstraction to hybridized solvers for geoscience and beyond, Geoscientific Model Development, Vol:13, ISSN:1991-959X, Pages:735-761

Kirby RC, Mitchell L, 2019, Code generation for generally mapped finite elements, Acm Transactions on Mathematical Software, Vol:45, ISSN:0098-3500

Ham DA, Mitchell L, Paganini A, et al., 2019, Automated shape differentiation in the Unified Form Language, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Vol:60, ISSN:1615-147X, Pages:1813-1820

Farrell PE, Mitchell L, Wechsung F, 2019, An augmented lagrangian preconditioner for the 3D stationary incompressible Navier-Stokes equations at high Reynolds number, Siam Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol:41, ISSN:1064-8275, Pages:A3073-A3096


Gibson T, McRae ATT, Cotter C, et al., 2019, Compatible finite element methods for geophysical flows: Automation and implementation using Firedrake, Springer International Publishing, ISBN:9783030239565

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