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Cognitive neuroscientist conducting research in disorders of compulsive consumption - Gut Hormones in Addiction (GHADD). Much of this research is early phase translational experimental medicine - mapping the profile and potential efficacy of medications to modulate brain and behavioural markers in these disorders. Developing key methodologies that particularly exploit cognitive, reward and implicit motivational processes in these disorders - targets for future medication development. Valuable experience working in the pharma industry on early phase translational experimental medicine studies as a cognitive neuroscientist. Based at the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit, Division of Brain Sciences.  



Nestor LJ, Behan B, Suckling J, et al., 2019, Cannabis‐dependent adolescents show differences in global reward‐associated network topology: A functional connectomics approach, Addiction Biology, ISSN:1355-6215, Pages:e12752-e12752

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Nestor LJ, Paterson LM, Murphy A, et al., 2018, Naltrexone differentially modulates the neural correlates of motor impulse control in abstinent alcohol-dependent and poly-substance dependent individuals, European Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN:0953-816X

Nestor LJ, McCabe E, Jones J, et al., 2018, Shared and divergent neural reactivity to non-drug operant response outcomes in current smokers and ex-smokers, Brain Research, Vol:1680, ISSN:0006-8993, Pages:54-61

Morris LS, Baek K, Tait R, et al., 2018, Naltrexone ameliorates functional network abnormalities in alcohol-dependent individuals, Addiction Biology, Vol:23, ISSN:1355-6215, Pages:425-436

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