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LiLiang Wang received his PhD degree from Delft University of Technology. He joined Imperial College in 2009.

Dr. Wang's research experience is in Metal forming and process modelling, which includes FE modelling of metal forming processes, Tribology in metal forming processes and the development of advanced metal forming technologies. (

Dr. Wang is the Executive Co-Director for the CRRC Sifang-Imperial Centre for Rail Transportation Manufacturing Technologies. ( 


There are PhD-student vacancies in the group. Please contact me for information.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zhang Q, Luan X, Dhawan S, et al., 2019, Development of the post-form strength prediction model for a high-strength 6xxx aluminium alloy with pre-existing precipitates and residual dislocations, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol:119, ISSN:0749-6419, Pages:230-248

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wang A, liu JUN, gao H, et al., 2017, Hot stamping of AA6082 tailor welded blanks: experiments and knowledge based cloud FE (KBC-FE) simulation, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol:250, ISSN:0924-0136, Pages:228-238

Liu X, Ji K, El Fakir O, et al., 2017, Determination of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient for a hot aluminium stamping process, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol:247, ISSN:1873-4774, Pages:158-170

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Wang L, Zhou J, Duszczyk J, 2010, Friction in double action extrusion, International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark, TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS LTD, Pages:153-160, ISSN:1013-9826

More Publications