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Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Chair in Biomathematics



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6M31Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Multi-scale mathematical modelling of viral capsid assembly. Understanding the assembly pathways from the molecular description of proteins to the fully formed virus could help in the design of anti-viral therapies.

Broadly interested in applied mathematics in biological, physical and engineering systems

  • Dynamics of networks of interconnected nonlinear systems: graph theory and dynamics. Algebraic graph theory.
  • Data analysis: geometric dimensionality reduction and graph clustering. 
  • Stochastic dynamics and optimization
  • Multiscale dynamics and model reduction of bio-systems:  analysis of biomolecules and biomolecular assemblies
  • Social network analysis: Text and information flows.
  • Theory of synchronization: Coupled oscillators in biology and engineering, flocking phenomena
  • Algorithms for nonlinear signal analysis: Nonlinear detection, network reconstruction
  • Mathematical and computational biology: metabolic and genetic networks (deterministic and stochastic)
  • Network analysis for robust infrastructure
  • Applied PDEs in biology: nonlinear wave propagation in the arterial tree, chemotaxis.