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We are interested in how the molecular machinery of the cell assembles, functions, and evolves. To tackle this problem we use electron cryo-tomography, a technique that enables us to visualize this machinery inside living cells -- to resolutions capable of discerning individual proteins. The technique involves flash-freezing the specimen then imaging it over a range of angles in an electron microscope. The resulting images can then be used to detemine the 3-D structure of the specimen in a manner directly analogous to CT or CAT scans. Bacteria and archaea are the biological subjects of our studies: their (relative) simplicity make them ideal subjects for study of basis biological principles, yet with considerable practical application in, for example, antibiotic development or sustainable re-utilization. Our current primary focus is the bacterial flagellar motor, a nanoscale motor that spins a helical filament to act as a propellor for the bacterium. We are particularly interested in a number of curious variants of the motor that we recently identified, as these differences promise to shed light upon some basic principles of assembly, function, and evolution.

I am co-director of the Department of Life Science's MRes in Structural Molecular Biology. Please click here for more details.


Beeby lab, June 2016. L-R: Josie, Hazel, Teige, Bonnie, Charles, Amanda, Morgan, Louie, Siying


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