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Dr. Bruyns-Haylett’s research background is in sensory neuroscience. Michael obtained a PhD from the University of Sheffield, where he investigated the relationship between neural activity and hemodynamics in the resting state. During his first postdoc (University of Reading) he examined the separate contributions of excitation and inhibition to neural population recordings. 

Dr. Bruyns-Haylett joined the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London in 2016, where he works under Dr Andrei Kozlov in the Laboratory of Auditory Neuroscience and Biophysics. He is investigating the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the auditory cortex, with a specific focus on how this impacts the balance between neural excitation and inhibition.

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Kang S, Hayashi Y, Bruyns-Haylett M, et al., 2019, Supplemental Vitamin B-12 Enhances the Neural Response to Sensory Stimulation in the Barrel Cortex of Healthy Rats but Does Not Affect Spontaneous Neural Activity, Journal of Nutrition, Vol:149, ISSN:0022-3166, Pages:730-737

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