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Professor of the Mechanics of Materials



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Teacher, Stress Analysis. (Undergraduate)

Advanced Stress Analysis - ME4-MASA


To introduce the student to fundamental elasticity and plasticity theory, problems and solutions. Stress function formulation and methods will be presented for plane stress, plane strain and torsional loading and the solution of a range of problems with be developed. The analysis of torsion will also be developed to treat thin walled sections of arbitrary but uniform, cross section. The Convolution Integral will be developed and used to analyse time dependent effects. A review of plasticity will be made and the Levy-Mises equations will be derived and used for problem solving.

ECTS units:    7   
Contributing to Course Elements: 7 to ME4-mLCTVS Electives


Associate Course Leader

Mechanics - ME1-HMCX


This module aims to provide students with the ability to derive, from first principles, mathematical descriptions of mechanics applications and to use these descriptions to solve a wide range of mechanics problems.

ECTS units: 5



Course Leader