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Dr Mikela Chatzimichailidou

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Associate



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In November 2017, Mikela started her collaboration as a Research Associate (RA) with Prof Whyte, Director of the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI). Also, in October 2016 she joined the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) as an RA. 

In the CSEI, she is working on the development of a tool-kit of systems engineering tools for civil engineers. Previously, in the CTS, she carried out research in the areas of human factors in relation to safety in transport and other safety-critical industries. Between 2015 and 2016, she was an RA in patient safety (NHS) at the Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge.  

Safety and situation awareness in complex cyber-physical and socio-technical systems were at the core of her PhD. She studied Production Engineering and Management (MEng) and holds a Master degree (MSc) in Systems Engineering Management. Her specialty in systems engineering and emergent properties, accident prevention and safety awareness is coupled with an extensive record of publications in highly ranked scientific journals, such as Accident Analysis & Prevention, Ergonomics, IEEE Systems

Mikela has authored the book Dynamic Project Management and Task CrashingShe is a Postdoc rep and responsible for the CTS seminars. She also co-hosts teaching and social events with the SaRS (Safety and Reliability Society) London Branch.

Engineering a Safer World (Leveson 2011) and Human Factors Methods (Stanton et al. 2013) are two of the books that have most influenced her research philosophy.

Her PhD supervisor was Dr Ioannis M. Dokas.

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Chatzimichailidou MM, Dokas IM, 2016, Introducing RiskSOAP to communicate the distributed situation awareness of a system about safety issues: an application to a robotic system, Ergonomics, Vol:59, ISSN:0014-0139, Pages:409-422

Chatzimichailidou MM, Dokas IM, 2016, RiskSOAP: On the Relationship Between Systems Safety and the Risk SA Provision Capability, Ieee Systems Journal, ISSN:1932-8184, Pages:1-10


Edwards B, Chatzimichailidou MM, Prendergast C, 2016, A Systems-based Model for Better Defining the Pharmaceutical System (STAMP), 16th ISoP Annual Meeting on Pharmacovigilance for Safer Tomorrow, ADIS INT LTD, Pages:1024-1025, ISSN:0114-5916

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