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I am a first year student in the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT. 

My research focuses on developing and using advanced numerical modelling and statistical tools to improve the understanding of hazards and the quantification and minimisation of erosion and flood risk.

The main model I use in my research is XBeach, which uses simple numerical techniques to compute dune erosion, scour around buildings and overwash. In my PhD, I am exploring how the new technique of Multi-level Monte Carlo simulations can be combined with XBeach to quantify erosion/flood risk.

If you are interested in my research or articles, please feel free to contact me.

Published articles for general audiences:

How renewable are renewables really?: about clean energy's material requirements, the effect on the energy transition and possible solutions. Co-authored with Adriaan Hilbers.

Recycling plastic bags won't stop climate change: about how the two separate issues of plastic waste and climate change are often confused. Based on a recording of the BBC Radio 4 programme "Any questions?" which I attended in the House of Commons.