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AB - The transverse (t)-tubule system plays an essential role in healthy and diseased heart muscle, particularly in Ca(2+)-induced Ca(2+) release (CICR), and its structural disruption is an early event in heart failure. Both mechanical overload and unloading alter t-tubule structure, but the mechanisms mediating the normally tight regulation of the t-tubules in response to load variation are poorly understood. Telethonin (Tcap) is a stretch-sensitive Z-disc protein that binds to proteins in the t-tubule membrane. To assess its role in regulating t-tubule structure and function, we used Tcap knockout (KO) mice and investigated cardiomyocyte t-tubule and cell structure and CICR over time and following mechanical overload. In cardiomyocytes from 3-month-old KO (3mKO), there were isolated t-tubule defects and Ca(2+) transient dysynchrony without whole heart and cellular dysfunction. Ca(2+) spark frequency more than doubled in 3mKO. At 8 months of age (8mKO), cardiomyocytes showed progressive loss of t-tubules and remodelling of the cell surface, with prolonged and dysynchronous Ca(2+) transients. Ca(2+) spark frequency was elevated and the L-type Ca(2+) channel was depressed at 8 months only. After mechanical overload obtained by aortic banding constriction, the Ca(2+) transient was prolonged in both wild type and KO. Mechanical overload increased the Ca(2+) spark frequency in KO alone, where there was also significantly more t-tubule loss, with a greater deterioration in t-tubule regularity. In conjunction, Tcap KO showed severe loss of cell surface ultrastructure. These data suggest that Tcap is a critical, load-sensitive regulator of t-tubule structure and function.
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