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AB - "Fetal" gene transcription, including activation of the skeletal alpha-actin (SkA) promoter, is provoked in cardiac myocytes by mechanical stress and trophic ligands. Induction of the promoter by transforming growth factor beta or norepinephrine requires serum response factor (SRF) and TEF-1; expression is inhibited by YY1. We and others postulated that immediate-early transcription factors might couple trophic signals to this fetal program. However, multiple Fos/Jun proteins exist, and the exact relationship between control by Fos/Jun versus SRF, TEF-1, and YY1 is unexplained. We therefore cotransfected ventricular myocytes with Fos, Jun, or JunB, and SkA reporter genes. SkA transcription was augmented by Jun, Fos/Jun, Fos/JunB, and Jun/JunB; Fos and JunB alone were neutral or inhibitory. Mutation of the SRF site, SRE1, impaired activation by Jun; YY1, TEF-1, and Sp1 sites were dispensable. SRE1 conferred Jun activation to a heterologous promoter, as did the c-fos SRE. Deletions of DNA binding, dimerization, or trans-activation domains of Jun and SRF abolished activation by Jun and synergy with SRF. Neither direct binding of Fos/Jun to SREs, nor physical interaction between Fos/Jun and SRF, was detected in mobility-shift assays. Thus, AP-1 factors activate a hypertrophy-associated gene via SRF, without detectable binding to the promoter or to SRF.
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