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AB - Proinflammatory cytokines play important roles in insulin resistance. Here we report thatmice with a T-cell-specific conditional knockout of HGK (T-HGK cKO) develop systemicinflammation and insulin resistance. This condition is ameliorated by either IL-6 or IL-17neutralization. HGK directly phosphorylates TRAF2, leading to its lysosomal degradationand subsequent inhibition of IL-6 production. IL-6-overproducing HGK-deficient T cellsaccumulate in adipose tissue and further differentiate into IL-6/IL-17 double-positive cells.Moreover, CCL20 neutralization or CCR6 deficiency reduces the Th17 population or insulinresistance in T-HGK cKO mice. In addition, leptin receptor deficiency in T cells inhibits Th17differentiation and improves the insulin sensitivity in T-HGK cKO mice, which suggests thatleptin cooperates with IL-6 to promote Th17 differentiation. Thus, HGK deficiency inducesTRAF2/IL-6 upregulation, leading to IL-6/leptin-induced Th17 differentiation in adiposetissue and subsequent insulin resistance. These findings provide insight into the reciprocalregulation between the immune system and the metabolism.
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