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AB - Over the past 2 decades, cardiac regeneration has evolved from an exotic fringe of cardiovascular biology to theforefront of molecular, genetic, epigenetic, translational, and clinical investigations. The unmet patient need is thepaucity of self-repair following infarction. Robust regeneration seen in models such as zebrafish and newborn micehas inspired the field, along with encouragement from modern methods that make even low levels of restorativegrowth discernible, changing the scientific and technical landscape for effective counter-measures. Approachesunder study to augment cardiac repair complement each other, and encompass grafting cells of diverse kinds,restarting the cell cycle in post-mitotic ventricular myocytes, reprogramming non-myocytes, and exploiting the dormantprogenitor/stem cells that lurk within the adult heart. The latter are the emphasis of the present review. Cardiacresidentstem cells (CSC) can be harvested from heart tissue, expanded, and delivered to the myocardium as atherapeutic product, whose benefits may be hoped to surpass those achieved in human trials of bone marrow.However, important questions are prompted by such cells’ discovery. How do they benefit recipient hearts? Do theycontribute, measurably, as an endogenous population, to self-repair? Even if “no,” might CSCs be targets for activationin situ by growth factors and other developmental catalysts? And, what combination of distinguishing markersbest demarcates the cells with robust clonal growth and cardiogenic potential?
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