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Planetary magnetospheres, particularly those of Jupiter and Saturn.

Solar wind interaction with planetary bodies.


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Dear Colleagues,

As the new Chair of SPAC I am seeking to strengthen lines of communication between SPAC/ the UK Space Agency and the community. Towards that end I have put together a website which I will keep updated with informal summary notes from me as Chair of SPAC for both SPAC meetings and the ESA SPC meetings. This will not replace the formal SPAC minutes which will be made available on the UKSA web site (link) but will provide my perspective of the meetings.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues/concerns/queries/suggestions you may have.

Best regards



Informal Notes

Informal minutes from June 2014
Informal minutes from February 2014


1. The Committee will meet at least three times a year usually before each ESA Science Programme Committee meeting and will:

1.1 brief the UK delegates on the ESA Science Programme Committee and subsidiary committees, taking due regard of the policies set by BIS, the UK Space Agency and the STFC science strategy;

1.2 provide advice on the overall UK strategy for involvement in space science projects, taking account of issues relating to: - space science - technology - industry - Potential spin-off applications - Science and society opportunities - Education and skills

1.3 provide advice on the ranking and relative priority of current and potential future space science projects as an input to both funding and review decisions conducted by or for the UK Space Agency, taking account of the factors listed above;

1.4 provide advice on the promulgation of the opportunities and benefits arising from the space science programme to the broader industrial and academic community and to identify where possible, potential funding routes for spin-off applications;

1.5 report through the Chair to the Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency.


2. The membership should include: all UK members of the subsidiary committees to ESA’s SPC; representatives of the UK space industry (e.g. through UKSpace and ASTOS); representatives from other relevant UK Space Agency committees; and representatives of the appropriate UK Space Agency stakeholders. In particular, there shall be a representative nominated by STFC, normally a member of Science Board. Membership should be supplemented by experts on specific missions or fields as necessary for a particular meeting. Representatives of the UK Space Agency Executive shall be ex officio members; and those of STFC shall be in attendance.

SPAC Membership January 2014

2014 RevisionRepresentative
Michele Dougherty SPAC Chair
Mike Cruise  ESA SSAC, ESA PSWG & SPAC Deputy-Chair 
Mark Lester  ESA SSAC 
John Zarnecki  ESA SSEWG Chair & attends ESA SSAC 
Andrew Fazakerley  ESA SSEWG 
Will Percival ESA AWG 
Martin Barstow  ESA AWG 
Robin Tucker  ESA PSWG 
Doug Liddle  UKSpace 
David Whittle  ASTOS
Gillian Wright  Expert advisor & MIRI PI 
Alan Smith  SPAN Chair 
Matt Griffin  STFC PPAN/Science Board 
Colin Vincent  STFC 
Ian Crawford  ESF ESSC & ESA HESAC 
Mark Sephton  AurAC Chair 
David Southwood  UK Space Agency Steering Board member 
David Parker  UK Space Agency SPC delegate 
Chris Castelli  UK Space Agency SPC delegate 
Rosemary Young  Secretary & UK Space Agency SPC Advisor 
Ryan King  Minutes Secretary 
Caroline Harper  UK Space Agency