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Teacher, 1st year tutorials. (Undergraduate)

Thermodynamics 2 - ME2-HTHD


This module will develop an understanding of the principles of a variety of industrially-significant processes concerned with energy conversion and use, and of the design and operation of plant relying on those processes (including gas and steam turbines, boilers and heat exchangers, reciprocating engines, refrigeration and air-conditioning plant). It will develop an ability to make thermodynamic analyses of the processes involved and to select and apply rational performance criteria and parameters. Students will develop an awareness of the power and utility of thermodynamics in engineering design, both at the system and the component detail level, with recognition of the constraints imposed by materials, stressing, economics and the environment. The module provides basic knowledge and awareness to support 3rd and 4th year modules in the energy area.

ECTS units: 5


Course Leader