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Professors Steve Marston, Nancy Curtin, and Nick Wells, British Heart Foundation, RG/08/010/25918 Molecular Mechanisms of contractile dysfunction in cardiac muscle hypertrophy and failure £636,991, 2008

Professor Paul French and Dr Mark Neil, BBSRC, BB/E021573/1 Muscle cross-bridge mechanism investigated by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of myosin essential light chain £544,441 (indexed FEC)., 2007

Professor Paul French and Dr Mark Neil, MRC Milstein Fund, G0601747 Strain-sensitivity of muscle fibre cross-bridges investigated by fluorescence life-time imaging microscopy £372,882, 2007

Sole Principal applicant, MRC, G0501704 The tuning mechanism of the molecular engines in muscle. £815,760 (FEC), 2007 - 2009

Co-applicant with Prof R.C. Woledge. Principal applicant: Dr N.A. Curtin, Wellcome Trust, How muscles work: a new look at energy conversion and ATP turnover during filament sliding'. £285,421, 2006

Applicant: Prof Steven Marston; Co-applicants: Prof Dominic Wells, Prof Sian E. Harding, Prof M.A. Ferenczi., British Heart Foundation, PG/06/025/20396. Development and functional investigation of transgenic mouse models of dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. £267,921, 2006 - 2009

Research Student Supervision

Batters,MC, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Burns,DRIS, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Garcia,DDI, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Patel,DJR, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Siththanandan,DV, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Spencer,DCI, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Stubbings,DA, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Thirlwell,DH, Supervisor to Ph.D. student

Woodward,DSKA, Supervisor to Ph.D. student