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Lavvas P, Yelle RV, Koskinen T, Bazin A, Vuitton V, Vigren E, Galand M, Wellbrock A, Coates AJ, Wahlund J-E, Crary FJ, Snowden Det al., 2013, Aerosol growth in Titan's ionosphere, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Vol: 110, Pages: 2729-2734, ISSN: 0027-8424

Journal article

Cui J, Yelle RV, Strobel DF, Mueller-Wodarg ICF, Snowden DS, Koskinen TT, Galand Met al., 2012, The CH4 structure in Titan's upper atmosphere revisited, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-PLANETS, Vol: 117, ISSN: 2169-9097

Journal article

Moore L, Fischer G, Mueller-Wodarg I, Galand M, Mendillo Met al., 2012, Diurnal variation of electron density in Saturn's ionosphere: Model comparisons with Saturn Electrostatic Discharge (SED) observations, ICARUS, Vol: 221, Pages: 508-516, ISSN: 0019-1035

Journal article

Tinetti G, Beaulieu JP, Henning T, Meyer M, Micela G, Ribas I, Stam D, Swain M, Krause O, Ollivier M, Pace E, Swinyard B, Aylward A, van Boekel R, Coradini A, Encrenaz T, Snellen I, Zapatero-Osorio MR, Bouwman J, Cho JY-K, du Foresto VC, Guillot T, Lopez-Morales M, Mueller-Wodarg I, Palle E, Selsis F, Sozzetti A, Ade PAR, Achilleos N, Adriani A, Agnor CB, Afonso C, Allende Prieto C, Bakos G, Barber RJ, Barlow M, Batista V, Bernath P, Bezard B, Borde P, Brown LR, Cassan A, Cavarroc C, Ciaravella A, Cockell C, Coustenis A, Danielski C, Decin L, De Kok R, Demangeon O, Deroo P, Doel P, Drossart P, Fletcher LN, Focardi M, Forget F, Fossey S, Fouque P, Frith J, Galand M, Gaulme P, Gonzalez Hernandez JI, Grasset O, Grassi D, Grenfell JL, Griffin MJ, Griffith CA, Groezinger U, Guedel M, Guio P, Hainaut O, Hargreaves R, Hauschildt PH, Heng K, Heyrovsky D, Hueso R, Irwin P, Kaltenegger L, Kervella P, Kipping D, Koskinen TT, Kovacs G, La Barbera A, Lammer H, Lellouch E, Leto G, Lopez Valverde MA, Lopez-Puertas M, Lovis C, Maggio A, Maillard JP, Maldonado Prado J, Marquette JB, Martin-Torres FJ, Maxted P, Miller S, Molinari S, Montes D, Moro-Martin A, Moses JI, Mousis O, Nguyen Tuong N, Nelson R, Orton GS, Pantin E, Pascale E, Pezzuto S, Pinfield D, Poretti E, Prinja R, Prisinzano L, Rees JM, Reiners A, Samuel B, Sanchez-Lavega A, Sanz Forcada J, Sasselov D, Savini G, Sicardy B, Smith A, Stixrude L, Strazzulla G, Tennyson J, Tessenyi M, Vasisht G, Vinatier S, Viti S, Waldmann I, White GJ, Widemann T, Wordsworth R, Yelle R, Yung Y, Yurchenko SNet al., 2012, EChO, EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY, Vol: 34, Pages: 311-353, ISSN: 0922-6435

Journal article

Ray LC, Galand M, Moore LE, Fleshman Bet al., 2012, Characterizing the limitations to the coupling between Saturn's ionosphere and middle magnetosphere, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, Vol: 117, ISSN: 2169-9380

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