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Morse AD, Altwegg K, Andrews DJ, Auster HU, Carr CM, Galand M, Goesmann F, Gulkis S, Lee S, Richter I, Sheridan S, Stern SA, A'Hearn MF, Feldman P, Parker J, Retherford KD, Weaver HA, Wright IPet al., 2012, The Rosetta campaign to detect an exosphere at Lutetia, PLANETARY AND SPACE SCIENCE, Vol: 66, Pages: 165-172, ISSN: 0032-0633

Journal article

Arridge CS, Agnor CB, Andre N, Baines KH, Fletcher LN, Gautier D, Hofstadter MD, Jones GH, Lamy L, Langevin Y, Mousis O, Nettelmann N, Russell CT, Stallard T, Tiscareno MS, Tobie G, Bacon A, Chaloner C, Guest M, Kemble S, Peacocke L, Achilleos N, Andert TP, Banfield D, Barabash S, Barthelemy M, Bertucci C, Brandt P, Cecconi B, Chakrabarti S, Cheng AF, Christensen U, Christou A, Coates AJ, Collinson G, Cooper JF, Courtin R, Dougherty MK, Ebert RW, Entradas M, Fazakerley AN, Fortney JJ, Galand M, Gustin J, Hedman M, Helled R, Henri P, Hess S, Holme R, Karatekin O, Krupp N, Leisner J, Martin-Torres J, Masters A, Melin H, Miller S, Mueller-Wodarg I, Noyelles B, Paranicas C, de Pater I, Paetzold M, Prange R, Quemerais E, Roussos E, Rymer AM, Sanchez-Lavega A, Saur J, Sayanagi KM, Schenk P, Schubert G, Sergis N, Sohl F, Sittler EC, Teanby NA, Tellmann S, Turtle EP, Vinatier S, Wahlund J-E, Zarka Pet al., 2012, Uranus Pathfinder: exploring the origins and evolution of Ice Giant planets, EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY, Vol: 33, Pages: 753-791, ISSN: 0922-6435

Journal article

Chakrabarti S, Jokiaho O-P, Baumgardner J, Cook T, Martel J, Galand Met al., 2012, High-throughput and multislit imaging spectrograph for extended sources, OPTICAL ENGINEERING, Vol: 51, ISSN: 0091-3286

Journal article

Mueller-Wodarg ICFM, Moore L, Galand M, Miller S, Mendillo Met al., 2012, Magnetosphere-atmosphere coupling at Saturn: 1: Response of thermosphere and ionosphere to steady state polar forcing, Icarus, Vol: 221, Pages: 481 - 494-481 - 494, ISSN: 0019-1035

Journal article

Cui J, Yelle RV, Mueller-Wodarg ICF, Lavvas PP, Galand Met al., 2011, The implications of the H-2 variability in Titan's exosphere, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, Vol: 116, ISSN: 2169-9380

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