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Fox JL, Galand MI, Johnson RE, 2008, Energy Deposition in Planetary Atmospheres by Charged Particles and Solar Photons, SPACE SCIENCE REVIEWS, Vol: 139, Pages: 3-62, ISSN: 0038-6308

Journal article

Huestis DL, Bougher SW, Fox JL, Galand M, Johnson RE, Moses JI, Pickering JCet al., 2008, Cross Sections and Reaction Rates for Comparative Planetary Aeronomy, SPACE SCIENCE REVIEWS, Vol: 139, Pages: 63-105, ISSN: 0038-6308

Journal article

Branduardi-Raymont G, Elsner RF, Galand M, Grodent D, Cravens TE, Ford P, Gladstone GR, Waite JHet al., 2008, Spectral morphology of the X-ray emission from Jupiter's aurorae, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, Vol: 113, ISSN: 2169-9380

Journal article

Agren K, Wahlund J-E, Modolo R, Lummerzheim D, Galand M, Mueller-Wodarg I, Canu P, Kurth WS, Cravens TE, Yelle RV, Waite JH, Coates AJ, Lewis GR, Young DT, Bertucci C, Dougherty MKet al., 2007, On magnetospheric electron impact ionisation and dynamics in Titan's ram-side and polar ionosphere - a Cassini case study, ANNALES GEOPHYSICAE, Vol: 25, Pages: 2359-2369, ISSN: 0992-7689

Journal article

Galand M, Yelle RV, Coates AJ, Backes H, Wahlund J-Eet al., 2006, Electron temperature of Titan's sunlit ionosphere, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, Vol: 33, ISSN: 0094-8276

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