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Heritier KL, Altwegg K, Berthelier J-J, Beth A, Carr CM, De Keyser J, Eriksson AI, Fuselier SA, Galand M, Gombosi TI, Henri P, Johansson FL, Nilsson H, Rubin M, Wedlund CS, Taylor MGGT, Vigren Eet al., 2018, On the origin of molecular oxygen in cometary comae, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol: 9, ISSN: 2041-1723


Heritier KL, Galand M, Henri P, Johansson FL, Beth A, Eriksson AI, Vallieres X, Altwegg K, Burch JL, Carr C, Ducrot E, Hajra R, Rubin Met al., 2018, Plasma source and loss at comet 67P during the Rosetta mission, ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, Vol: 618, ISSN: 1432-0746


Moore L, Galand M, Kliore AJ, Nagy AF, O'Donoghue Jet al., 2018, Saturn's Ionosphere, Saturn in the 21st Century, Editors: Baines, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This chapter summarizes our current understanding of the ionosphere ofSaturn. We give an overview of Saturn ionospheric science from the Voyager erato the present, with a focus on the wealth of new data and discoveries enabledby Cassini, including a massive increase in the number of electron densityaltitude profiles. We discuss recent ground-based detection of the effect of"ring rain" on Saturn's ionosphere, and present possible model interpretationsof the observations. Finally, we outline current model-data discrepancies andindicate how future observations can help in advancing our understanding of thevarious controlling physical and chemical processes.


Beth A, Galand M, 2017, Effects of the convective field on weakly outgassing comets, MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, Vol: 469, Pages: S824-S841, ISSN: 0035-8711


Chadney JM, Koskinen TT, Galand M, Unruh YC, Sanz-Forcada Jet al., 2017, Effect of stellar flares on the upper atmospheres of HD 189733b and HD 209458b, ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, Vol: 608, ISSN: 1432-0746


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