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Matthew Hind is a Consultant Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College and Honorary Research Fellow at The MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London.  Within NHLI Dr Hind works with the Lung Development and Repair and Lung Development and Disease groups.

Dr Hind trained in general and respiratory medicine at the Royal Free, Hammersmith, St Mary's, St Georges and Royal Brompton Hospitals. His clinical interest is in the pathogenesis and treatment of lung failure, particularly alveolar insufficiency. Alveolar insufficiency arises either when alveoli fail to form in a normal developmental manner, such as in premature babies with bronchopulmonary dysplasia or where alveoli are destroyed in diseases such as pulmonary emphysema/COPD. Together with Professor Anita Simonds and Professor Mike Polkey he runs a tertiary Sleep and Ventilation service. He offers an advanced COPD clinic looking at novel and experimental approaches to advanced lung disease with Professor Duncan Geddes, Professor Mike Polkey and Dr Nick Hopkinson.

Dr Hind has established a basic science laboratory and is the PI of a small group investigating alveolar development and subsequent regeneration as a novel potential therapy for alveolar insufficiency. He has been recognised with both national and international awards for his scientific work and is funded by the Wellcome Trust.



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