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Dr Matthew Hodes is Senior Lecturer in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and also works as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the NHS with CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.



Matthew carries out mental health services research with young people in two main areas. Firstly, he investigates the interface between physical and mental health. Recent studies include investigation of maternal and child anxiety associated with child food allergy. Secondly, he investigates sociocultural influences on child and adolescent mental health and service contact.   He has studied risk and protective factors for psychopathology, and service use amongst young refugees. He also investigates social factors in adolescent psychosis. 


Teaching and Training

Matthew is active in teaching child & adolescent psychiatry in Imperial College,  mainly in MBBS BSc courses. He is also   active in higher specialist training in child & adolescent psychiatry, and is currently Chair of the Training Programme Management Committee in UCLP, and London wide Specialist Training Committee.     



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Sturrock S, Hodes M, 2016, Child labour in low- and middle-income countries and its consequences for mental health: a systematic literature review of epidemiologic studies, European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol:25, ISSN:1018-8827, Pages:1273-1286

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Falissard B, Garralda E, MacMaster E, et al., 2016, Positive Mental Health, Fighting Stigma and Promoting Resiliency for Children and Adolescents Fighting Stigma and Promoting Resiliency, Academic Press, ISBN:9780128043943

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