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I use mathematical ideas from combinatorics, topology and statistics to explore the complicated world of evolutionary trees. Caroline Colijn and I have developed a method for comparing phylogenetic trees and revealing distinct evolutionary patterns present in data, which is available in the R package treespace. You can run the treespace shiny app straight from your web browser here. I also maintain the R package phyloTop.

We held a workshop on Mathematical Approaches to Evolutionary Trees in September 2015. Slides from some of the presentations are available here. Please contact me if you would like to be kept informed about similar meetings which we may organise in the future.

My personal website is here.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Jombart T, Kendall M, Almagro-Garcia J, et al., 2017, treespace: Statistical exploration of landscapes of phylogenetic trees, Molecular Ecology Resources, Vol:17, ISSN:1755-098X, Pages:1385-1392

Kendall M, Colijn C, 2016, Mapping Phylogenetic Trees to Reveal Distinct Patterns of Evolution., Mol Biol Evol, Vol:33, Pages:2735-2743


Kendall ML, Boyd M, Colijn C, 2016, phyloTop, v.2.0.0

Jombart T, Kendall ML, Almagro-Garcia J, et al., 2015, treespace, v.1.0.0

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