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AB - Pavements are typically constructed using several layers of materials, and their durability depends on the quality of these strata. It is therefore very valuable to be able to determine the properties of the layers non-destructively. Accelerometers can be used as receivers in surface wave testing of pavements, but require good seismic coupling to the surface. We present experiments using a non-directional audio microphone as a non-contact receiver. Leaky air-coupled surface waves are measured and processed using the Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) technique. Results show that leaky surface waves can be accurately measured using an ordinary audio microphone. This opens up the possibility for fast on-the-fly surface wave testing of pavements. We present the method along with a case study where the thickness and the stiffness of a concrete slab are evaluated from a data set acquired using a microphone as a non-contact receiver.
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