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AB - We develop an elastodynamic theory to predict the diffuse scattered field ofelastic waves by randomly rough surfaces, for the first time, with the aid of theKirchhoff approximation (KA). Analytical expressions are derived incorporatingsurface statistics, to represent the expectation of the angular distribution of thediffuse intensity for different modes. The analytical solutions are successfullyverified with numerical Monte Carlo simulations, and also validated by comparisonwith experiments. We then apply the theory to quantitatively investigatethe effects of the roughness and the shear-to-compressional wave speed ratio onthe mode conversion and the scattering intensity, from low to high roughnesswithin the valid region of KA. Both the direct and the mode converted intensitiesare significantly affected by the roughness, which leads to distinct scatteringpatterns for different wave modes. The mode conversion effect is very strongaround the specular angle and it is found to increase as the surface appearsto be more rough. In addition, the 3D roughness induced coupling betweenthe out-of-plane shear horizontal (SH) mode and the in-plane modes is studied.The intensity of the SH mode is shown to be very sensitive to the out-of-planecorrelation length, being influenced more by this than by the RMS value of theroughness. However, it is found that the depolarization pattern for the diffusefield is independent of the actual value of the roughness.
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