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I'm a Royal Society University Research Fellow and I lead the Functional Nitrides group in the Department of Materials at Imperial which currently includes 4 PDRAs, 12 PhDs and 2 MEng students. Our work centres primarily on (i) developing broad, mutually compatible, new 'palettes' of materials from which future electronic devices can be created, and (ii) the control of material properties using artificial structuring on the nanoscale. Current research focuses on developing new III-nitride-based multifunctional materials for use in a broad range of applications, ranging from UV light emitters for water treatment in the developing world, through energy harvesters for clean energy generation, to exotic new devices enabled exclusively by the properties of the device material 'building blocks' that we create. A recent major award from the EPSRC brings the group's total funding to over £4 million and now allows us to extend this work into functional oxynitrides and carbonitrides and into elements spanning the majority of the Periodic Table.

The group combines both theory and experiment to help guide device material development. Experimentally, we focus on epitaxial thin film deposition by molecular beam epitaxy and electron beam epitaxy and on material characterisation using advanced electron microscopy techniques, synchrotron-based X-ray techniques, SIMS and our new in-situ UHV characterisation suite for air-sensitive materials. The group also collaborates extensively with the University of Cambridge, where I remain an academic visitor.

Prior to joining Imperial as a Lecturer in 2011, I spent 5 years developing III-nitride semiconductors as an independent Oppenheimer Research Fellow and Jesus College Research Fellow at the Departments of Materials Science and Physics at the University of Cambridge. This followed my PhD at Cambridge in the same research area. My work on III-nitride semiconductors continues presently, in parallel with the growing area of functional nitride material development.

You can find out more about our work here:

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Group news

October 2013 Ben Quirk, Christian Niedermeier and Izzati Nadzri have joined the group as PhD students working on wide band gap functional materials, while Tony Wang joins us as a MSc/PhD student and Kevin Kahn joins us on a joint NUS-Imperial PhD scholarship in collaboration with Prof. Andrivo Rusydi at the National University of Singapore. Welcome everyone!

August 2013 Dr Mikael Rasander joins the group from Uppsala University in Sweden. Mikael is a theorist with experience in density functional theory calculations of functional materials and will be supporting our materials discovery programme.

August 2013 Dr Moram selected as one of 35 to watch under 35 in this month's Materials World.

July 2013 Our recent work on dopant segregation to dislocation cores in GaN is published in Physical Review Letters.

Jan 2012 Richard Simons joins the group as a PhD student. Richard is working on the development of better water treatment technology using ultraviolet light emitting diodes.

Nov 2012 Our new multi-chamber nitride, oxynitride and oxide electron beam epitaxy system has been funded by the EPSRC!

Oct 2012 Dr Moram has been awarded this year's Leverhulme Research Leadership Award, which will support work on Material Solutions for a Developing World

Oct 2012 Leo Tsui joins the group as a PhD student. Leo will be working on the project New ScAlGaN materials for high-efficiency energy harvesting devices

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Moram MA, Vickers ME, 2009, X-ray diffraction of III-nitrides, Reports on Progress in Physics, Vol:72, ISSN:0034-4885

Moram MA, Johnston CF, Hollander JL, et al., 2009, Understanding x-ray diffraction of nonpolar gallium nitride films, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol:105, ISSN:0021-8979

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Moram MA, Sadler TC, Haeberlen M, et al., 2010, Dislocation movement in GaN films, Applied Physics Letters, Vol:97, ISSN:0003-6951

Rhode SK, Horton MK, Kappers MJ, et al., 2013, Mg Doping Affects Dislocation Core Structures in GaN, Physical Review Letters, Vol:111, ISSN:0031-9007

More Publications