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I started learning about (health) inequalities through family stories and through the news. After a few years spent, as a young medical student like many other fellow students, trying to make sense of my overlapping interests in health, social justice and clinical apprenticeship, I partly found a home in what was then the first International Health BSc in the UK. In a small classroom on the UCL Whittington campus in North London, we learnt about health inequalities with an mutidisciplinary team of passionate teachers.

I graduated in Medicine at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine, enjoying mostly the patient contact. So after completing my Foundation training, I decided to work in Genito-Urinary Medicine at 56 Dean Street, a busy sexual health clinic in the heart of Soho. This is where I most enjoyed medical practice, within a multidisciplinary team which holds sensitivity and respect as core values, and where one hardly forgets to listen to personal stories before prescribing medicines.

The curiosity towards social determinants of health but also non-biomedical perspectives on health, hadn't disappeared. By then, most people in the world (at least we think), were estimated to live in cities, and 'International Health' had been renamed 'Global Health'.

Since 2010, I have been coordinating the Global Health BSc at Imperial College, a course which was launched then, in response to the demands of a group of motivated students who have now become alumni and teachers on the course. I also lead Module 3 on the BSc: 'Global Health in Context'. This covers: 

- Global health governance and actors

- Issues around technology

- Social determinants of health and embodiment

- Health systems

- Sociological and anthropological perspectives into the role of biomedicine and other medical systems in global health, including issues of power, epistemology and cosmologies

I am also Welfare Tutor for Global Health BSc students.

Whilst working at Imperial College, I completed a Masters in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I have an interest in learning and teaching interdisciplinary approaches to health, which I recently cultivated through a Postgraduate Diploma in University Learning and Teaching. I have a particular interest in learning/teaching methods relevant to undergraduate Global Health teaching and how learners can start to make sense of different and sometimes conflicting disciplinary perspectives on Global Health, as they navigate this pluridisciplinary, and also vaguely defined, field of study.

I have been course lead for the Society and Health course for Year 1 medical students for 4 years and am a member of the BeSST network (a group working on Behavioural and Social Sciences Teaching in Medicine).