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Michael is a PhD student in the Clean Energy Processes lab, led by Dr Christos Markides. He is interested in a range of thermo-mechanical technologies to help reduce carbon emissions, with a focus on integrated generation and storage for electrical and thermal energy.

Prior to joining Imperial, Michael worked at the University of Nottingham as a Research Assistant in the RESTLESS project, researching technology neutral metrics for energy storage and compiling a database of performance and costs for various technologies. He led a workshop at the UK Energy Storage conference 2016 to launch the database within the academic community.

Michael has also worked at Rolls-Royce where he helped to develop methods for reducing gas turbine vibration. The experience of working in a large industrial engineering environment has been a useful complement to his academic study.

He graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MEng in Aerospace Engineering, having spent his third year studying abroad at MIT, within the Aero-Astro department.



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