Imperial College London

Dr Melek Somai, MD MPH

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Teaching Fellow in eLearning and eHealth







Reynolds BuildingCharing Cross Campus





Melek is a new faculty member at the Global eHealth Unit at Imperial College. Melek is a physician, biostatistician, and public health professional with expertise in clinical informatics and global health innovation. In his new role as as teaching fellow in eLearning and eHealth at the Global eHealth Unit, Dr. Melek will be leading the implementation of the GeHU visionary program in Health Information Technology and Innovation under the guidance of Dr. Josip Car and Dr. John O’Donoghue. With the growing evidence that innovation and entrepreneurship are essential components for the improvement of healthcare services and crucial elements for achieving the Universal Health Coverage, the School of Public Health at Imperial College considers innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship as core components of the teaching program. Thus, Dr. Melek will be leading the efforts of the Global eHealth Unit to increase its capacity building program in developing countries and its innovation and technology courses for the Masters Degree Program in Public Health. 



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