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Dr Marc Stettler

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lecturer in Transport and the Environment



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Dr Marc Stettler is a lecturer in Transport and the Environment in the Centre for Transport Studies. He is Director of the Transport & Environment Laboratory. Prior to joining Imperial, Marc was a research associate in the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and Energy Efficient Cities Initiative at the University of Cambridge, where he also completed his PhD.

Marc's research aims to quantify and reduce environmental impacts from transport using a range of emissions measurement and modelling tools. Examples of recent research projects include: evaluating real-world vehicle emissions; using real-world vehicle emissions data to improve emissions models; evaluating economic and environmental benefits of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for road freight; quantifying aircraft emissions at airports; and improving global estimates of aviation black carbon emissions and their impacts.

Marc is a member of the LoCITY ‘Policy, Procurement, Planning and Practice’ working group and the EQUA Air Quality Index Advisory Board.

Research Areas and oppoRtunities

More information is available at the Transport & Environment Laboratory website.

PhD opportunities (ongoing)

Marc is interested in taking PhD students and in the areas of:

- Development of accurate vehicle emissions models

- Emissions (gaseous and particle) measurements

- Modelling and measurement of urban air quality

- Aircraft emissions and their impact on climate and air quality

- Development of sensors and instrumentation

Please check the 'Research' tab for current funded research opportunities.



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