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Dr Mike Streule

Central FacultyCentre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Director, Imperial StudentShapers



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Sherfield BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Mike is an educationalist, working to promote student partnership in the College and develop programs where students can become co-producers of innovative and modern teaching in the Higher Education environment. These areas of work lie within the College's Learning and Teaching Strategy which is committed to offering all of our students a world-leading, rigorous, evidence-based, inclusive educational experience embedded in a vibrant research environment.

As a geoscientist by first training, I am aware of the need for varied and active learning environments for students. My scholarly interests in education are focused within better understanding and evaluating student perspectives, and how this aligns with department, faculty, college or national policy. 



Streule MJ, Craig LE, 2016, Social learning theories - an important design consideration forgeoscience fieldwork, Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol:64, ISSN:1089-9995, Pages:101-107

Streule MJ, Carter A, Searle MP, et al., 2012, Constraints on brittle field exhumation of the Everest-Makalu section of the Greater Himalayan Sequence: Implications for models of crustal flow, Tectonics, Vol:31

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Streule MJ, Searle MP, Waters DJ, et al., 2010, Metamorphism, melting, and channel flow in the Greater Himalayan Sequence and Makalu leucogranite: Constraints from thermobarometry, metamorphic modeling, and U-Pb geochronology, Tectonics, Vol:29

Streule MJ, Strachan RA, Searle MP, et al., 2010, Comparing Tibet-Himalayan and Caledonian crustal architecture, evolution and mountain building processes, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, Vol:335, Pages:207-232

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